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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Icons

Iconically Celebrating Chocolate

Chocolatey Goodness!
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People of the world...

This is a community for icons based on the 2005 "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," starring Johnny Depp and Freddie Highmore and directed by Tim Burton.

Here, feel free to post and and all icons you've created for and about the movie. All levels of icon makers are welcome here!

This is also a weekly icontest community. Every week the talented icon makers of the community are challenged to create icons based on the movie. Some weeks the challenge may be to use a provided base, or it could be as free as making any CatCF-related icon. Interested? Just submit an icon and you're in.

If you are going to take any icons showcased on this community, I cannot stress enough that you RESPECT THE CREATOR'S RULES. In general, this means credit the creator in your LJ keywords, and don't hotlink (link to an image stored on someone else's server).

Creators, it never hurts to post another reminder of your rules when you share. If you just want to show off icons but don't want others using them, make sure to note that.

General Community Rules

*When posting more than three icons, use an LJ cut. No one likes it when their friends list is cluttered. Three icons may be posted outside of the cut as teasers, but the rest should be under the cut (or link directing us to your own LJ)
*Only Charlie and the Chocolate Factory related icons. This should go without saying, but just in case....
*I feel like a school teacher, but be nice to each other. We welcome iconists of all levels of learning here, and no one learns when you say "OMG!!!!!!1 YOU ARE TEH SUX0RZ!"
*On that note, keep the 'net speak to a minimum. TaLkIn lik dis iz AbsoLutly pr0h1b1ted. No one is going to get hit with the dictionary for saying "OMG JOHNNY = HAWT!" but excessive shorthand is just pathetic.
*In order to be considered "on topic," all posts must contain at least one icon. This includes introduction posts. If you would like to post CatCF related pictures for other icon makers to use as resources, please post them in a comment to this entry (which can also be found in the memories)
*I reserve the right to modify and revamp these rules as I see fit.

Icontest Rules</center>
*All entries must conform to LJ Standards (100x100, 40 kb or less, .gif, .jpg or .png file type)
*No sharing your icons until the contest is over and winners have been revealed.
*All icons must be brand new, never before seen.
*I've never understood the rule that says you can't vote for yourself So if the challenge allows voting for multiple icons (this will depend on the size of the entry) you may vote for yourself. Though if I find this being abused this rule will be revoked.
*On that note, no rallying your friends to get them to come here and vote for you. That's just not fair for the less popular amongst us, and no one wants to relive high school :-P
*Pay attention to the rules of each challenge. Every challenge will be something different!
*You can only win once per challenge. That means, if you garner enough votes to win first place, and another icon of yours gets enough votes for third place, you will win the first place entry and the icon with the next highest amount of votes will get third place. Same thing for Mod's Choice: If you win first, second or third, your icon will not be considered for Mod's Choice (which some weeks may mean there is no Mod's Choice if we don't have enough entries)
*Submit your entry as a comment to the challenge post like so:




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